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What is Surrogacy?

In surrogacy a woman carries the baby for nine months and then hands over the baby to the genetic parents who were unable to conceive. With IVF treatment new embryos are generated from the genetic couple. These embryos are then implanted in the surrogate host.

Yash IVF offers a surrogacy program to couples as well as single parents that desirous of parenthood.

We have a large data bank of surrogates who have been thoroughly screened for any infectious disease as well as any psychological disorders. All the potential surrogates are counselled at the clinic along with their husband/partner and are made to understand the entire process before they are enrolled as potential surrogates.

Our nursing staff regularly makes monitoring visits to the surrogates during the nine months of pregnancy to ensure they are taking healthy diet and medicines regularly. Our surrogacy program thus enjoys a high success rate.

Note: In surrogacy there is no genetic relation between the child and the surrogate.

Who should opt for surrogacy?

  • Females who are born with congenital absence of the uterus.
  • Female whose uterus was removed due to cancer or heavy menstrual bleeding.
  • Women who face medical conditions like hypertension or are diabetic which makes pregnancy risky for the women as well as the child
  • Women whose uterus is deceased due to Ashermann’s Syndrome/ Tubercular Endometriosis