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What is Egg Donation?

To achieve pregnancy, infertile woman can also opt for Egg Donation. At Yash IVF, both the donor and the recipient are made to understand the procedure and are given psychological counseling prior to an egg donation treatment cycle.

The treatment cycle consists of having the donor go through hormone therapy for ovulation stimulation while the recipient’s uterus is synchronized to prepare for the embryo transfer.

By using IVF technology, our fertility specialist retrieves the eggs from the ovaries of the donor, which are then either fertilized by the sperm of the recipient’s male partner or through a sperm donor. The resulting embryo(s) are then placed into the recipient’s uterus.

The donor’s contribution is to provide the genetic material, but the pregnancy (gestation), labour and birth, and parenting falls to the recipient. If pregnancy is achieved, the resulting child will be genetically related to the recipient’s partner if his sperm was used, but not to the recipient.

Infertile couples have to consider various things when egg donation is the only option for them. They should undergo counseling and patiently think about the implications of their decision. At this stage, no decision should be taken under emotional pressure. Women may need egg donation in following circumstances

  • Poor egg quality
  • Unexplained infertility
  • Congenital absence of eggs or ovaries
  • Prior cancer treatments
  • A high risk of transmitting genetic diseases
  • Delay in starting a family
  • Recurrent abortions and IVF failures
  • High risk of passing genetic disorder to the baby