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What is Embryo Donation?

A couple’s infertility or subfertility problem may be due to a combination of factors and may affect both man and woman. If standard IVF treatment fails or offers very small chance of success, the transfer of a donor embryo into the woman’s womb may be the only way to conceive.

Embryo Donation is for couples struggling with infertility in which eggs and sperms are absent. It is a cost-effective, well established and successful technique for conceiving.

The Success rate of Embryo Donation is more than 65%. It is more successful than egg donation and has fewer medical complications.

Recommended for:

Embryo donation is advised to

  • Infertile couples
  • Female whose ovaries do not produce eggs because of premature menopause
  • Female who has undergone cancer or endometriosis treatment
  • Woman with non-functioning ovaries
  • Couples who have experienced repetitive IVF failure
  • Male partner with poor or zero sperm count