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Warm Felicitation by Times Group

Times Icons of Health 2021 felicitated Dr Chaitanya Ganapule and 29 other Pune doctors from various disciplines, for their hard work and dedication and "Never Say No Attitude". The award was presented by the Chief Guest Dr. Neelam Gorhe, Deputy Chairperson, Maharashtra Legislative Council on the 28th of January at an event held at the Hyatt Pune. This is a prestigious event conducted every year but this year was different because it was a recognition of excellence amidst adversity, mainly the humongous challenge posed by the Covid-19 epidemic. Not to mention the considerable stress of managing women through their infertility treatment & pregnancy and ensuring safe outcomes.

Dr Chaitanya Ganapule said that he was humbled by the recognition of his services and was quick to praise his entire team, which stood as one and spared no effort to ensure uninterrupted services and a safe passage for all their patients. Especially satisfying was the fact that we were able to provide a safe passage and peace of mind to all our mothers and parents-to-be, without any incident.

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Welcome to YASH-IVF

We are a ‘MANYATA’ certified maternity hospital, which means that our staff has been trained in 16 clinical standards focused on safety of the mother & baby, in line with WHO & National guidelines.

All our centers are comprehensively equipped with the latest advances in fertility management technology. The teams at all the centers are well-trained to offer personalised care in a patient-friendly manner. Covid-19 safety is ensured with strict maintenance of social distancing and periodic sanitisation of the facility.

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Donor Egg IVF
Embryo Donor IVF
Laser Hatching
Child Birth


  • World- Class Technology
    We have specialized infrastructure that allows us to grow the Embryo to Blastocyst stage (Day 5) and then freeze it with the latest cryo-preservation technology. Our equipment is regularly updated to bring to our patients the latest technological advancements.
  • Personalised Care
    Every couple is different, faces unique challenges whether technology-wise or socio-economical. We understand this and strive to make their journey more comfortable.
  • Highly Trained Team
    Our IVF Expert and Embryologist have been trained in UK and we follow international protocols. Our entire team is highly qualified, vastly experienced and with global exposure. A huge advantage is in-house availability of the embryologist, which enables day 5 transfers for greater success.
  • Holistic Fitness Approach
    We emphasize on overall fitness and emotional health. For this we have a reputed and highly experienced team of counselors who look into the nutritional aspects, stress, Lifestyle and exercise. We have seen very encouraging results in those who have undergone this Holistic Fitness program at our center.
  • Safety of Our Visitors
    We maintain stringent cleaning, sanitization and safe-distancing protocols to keep our visitors free from infections. Wearing masks is mandtory and those undergoing procedures are advised to wear N 95 masks for their own safety.
  • Outcomes at Reasonable Cost
    Our entire team is focused on getting the best possible outcomes for our patients. We have delivered smiles on the faces of over 5000 of our patients. Fertility treatment is emotionally taxing and a drain on finances as well. We recognize the need to deliver success at affordable and reliable rates. The process is transparent and counseling leaves no scope for hidden costs. We leave no stone unturned to ensure Wishful te Yashful.
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