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Yash IVF Best IVF Center in Pune

Yash IVF Best IVF Center in Pune

First Visit To A Fertility Doctor? | Yash IVF: Best IVF Center in Pune

Are you planning to visit an Infertility Center and worried about the first visit? Then, all you need to know is the basics about Infertility before you walk-in to an Infertility Center. This blog will address many common questions and concerns arising in your mind when you consider whether to pursue fertility evaluation and treatment. So, let us get started!

In the beginning, many people are found surprised to learn that infertility is a medical disease defined as the inability to conceive, despite having carefully timed and unprotected sex for one year. The actual cause of infertility may be difficult to determine but can include inadequate hormone levels in both men and women and trouble with the ovulation in women.

What happens? At your first visit: IVF Treatment in Pune

Infertility may be the result of many different conditions and difficulties, all ending up in the same frustrating situation of not getting pregnant. To understand your condition, situation and difficulties, some initial tests are required to be done.

For some women, ovulation (producing an egg) may not occur on a regular basis. This may be the result of several conditions and need to be checked by the experts for the better solution. For some women, ovulation may be occurring regularly, but the Fallopian tubes are blocked which may not result in the process of fertilization by the sperm. Another very common cause of infertility is that there are insufficient numbers of normal sperm to achieve conception.

At your initial visit to a physician, he/she will need to determine whether there are some difficulties in you or your partner’s history, that might be underlying some medical conditions and leading to infertility. To understand the difficulties some examinations and evaluations are necessary.

Examinations are carried out by checking of your Ovaries, Fallopian Tubes or your partner’s semen to analyze the factors or causes affecting in conception. Once the results of these examinations and tests are available, an infertility specialist can recommend appropriate treatment for you.

Fertility Treatments: IVF Center in Pune

The infertility specialist can help you to undergo with an initial treatment phase, where he/she can let you understand the exact problem. In some cases an initial treatments can be found worth in conception whereas, in some of the cases they don’t work.

In such cases, the physician or specialist may suggest you to undergo with an Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART). One of the common and best ART technique used for conception is the IVF Treatment.

IVF Treatment: Best IVF Treatment in Pune

In vitro fertilization (IVF) is the most common type of ART. In this treatment, an egg is combined with sperm outside the body in a vitro glass for fertilization under simulated conditions. A fertilized egg or eggs are placed in the woman’s uterus through the cervix, with the intention of establishing a successful pregnancy.

To conduct a right treatment for a successful conception, it is must to visit a specialist, who can help you know the exact cause of infertility and would suggest the best treatment.

So, If you are looking for an IVF center in Pune with a team of specialists, who can help you with infertility issues, then Yash IVF is the ideal choice to opt.


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