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How Do We Go About Getting A Reliable Assured Surrogacy Package?

How Do We Go About Getting A Reliable Assured Surrogacy Package?

According to the Surrogacy Counsellors at , an Assured surrogacy package is a common requirement of the intended parents. The necessity of Assured surrogacy package is felt because of the substantial investment required to be made by the intended parents. If after such a major investment, if there are reliable assured surrogacy package, it is easier to make the decision to proceed for surrogacy. Reliable centers like Yash IVF do not offer single cycle surrogacy packages at all, because should the first cycle fail, there would be a substantial loss to the intended parents. Therefore the concept of assured IVF baby. In assured surrogacy package the focus is on giving the intended parents the best chance at becoming parents without wasting their investment. Normally 2 to 3 cycles are enough to ensure pregnancy in the surrogate mother. However, some cases may have unforeseen complications and for them the Assured surrogacy package ensures that the additional costs of further cycles is highly minimised, affordable and the costs are spelt out in advance.

It is important that the intended parents understand and study the terms and conditions attached with the Assured surrogacy package. This will ensure that they select a reliable and fair center for their assured surrogacy package.

Yash IVF, in Pune, offers comprehensive, all below one roof, Surrogacy services.
Once the couple registers with Yash IVF, over 30 years of cumulative expertise in Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) takes over the Surrogacy process.

Our surrogacy experts are trained in UK and among the best in this branch of ART.
We offer Assured Surrogacy package for self gametes cycles only after verifying their potential to fertilise. In most cases assured surrogacy package are given to couples with donor cycles because in most cases age is the determining factor. In some cases however, the couple is young, both are capable of producing viable gametes but pregnancy is prevented by other factors. Such couples can go for surrogacy, especially an assured surrogacy package.

In some ladies fertilisation occurs but spontaneous abortions are seen due to some problem in the uterus of these women.

In such cases we have a tendency to use the woman’s egg and the sperm from the male partner.
The embryo, which is fertilised in the lab through IVF / ICSI, is then transferred into the womb of the surrogate mother.

In such a case the kid is genetically fully related to the couple.

If, when initial investigations are done, we find that the lady has an issue in producing a healthy egg, we recommend the use of an egg donor.
The egg is inseminated with the sperm of the intended father.
It is then transferred into the uterus, which is the female internal reproductive organ of the female parent.

In either case, there is no genetic linkage between the surrogate mother & the baby whatsoever.

In only a few cases, neither partner has a healthy gamete and in such a case, if they insist on surrogacy, we source both the egg and semen from donors.

What is an Assured Surrogacy Package?
Surrogacy is a financially expensive affair and the intended parents may end up spending something from eight to fifteen lacs. This varies based upon the circumstances of every individual couple and their specific expectations and necessities.

For those who have failed after multiple IVF cycles and have already exhausted their resources, surrogacy is a the best option.
However, having already wasted precious time and having spent significantly already, they look for guaranteed results.
We offer such couples ‘Assured Surrogacy’ package rather than charging by the cycle.

We offer ‘Assured surrogacy package with self gametes as well as donor Egg. There are no hidden costs.
Assured Surrogacy Package-
Costs for surrogacy vary based on the amount of cycles opted for, whether you go for self gametes or require an egg donor. A little more expensive if both gametes are from donors.

Our Assured Surrogacy package Includes:

Surrogate mother prices – Her medications and all necessary tests conducted post registration, prior to and subsequent to Embryo transfer, up till delivery and discharge from the hospital.

Egg donor – all medicines, Gynec consultations, idiagnostics and all necessary medical interventions.

Egg Retrieval costs – medical clinic, doctors, surgeons, specialist, products, etc.)
Post procedure care of the Egg Donor
Sperm donor medical consultations, tests, medications
Sperm washing and analysis for IVF
ICSI (intra cytoplasmic sperm injection)
– Embryo tests and embryo processing
– Embryo freezing & storage
– IVF procedure (Pharmacy, clinic, consultants, super-specialist, consumables)

– Multiple Embryo transfers
– Surrogate immediate post ET care
– Surrogate Mother’s monthly investigations, sonography scans and coordination


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