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A Year Full Of ‘Yash’

A Year Full Of 'Yash'

The year ended on a very satisfying note personally because several ‘difficult’ patients’ faith in our capabilities was vindicated. 30 year old Mrs Sunidhi who had a chronic history of PCOS, delivered a bonny baby girl after 4 failed IVF cycles elsewhere. 36 year old Mrs Phadtare delivered a baby after 6 years of treatment and 5 abortions. We feel honored that the family not only kept their faith in us, rather considered us a part of the family and gave us a huge boost. 40 year old Mrs Nagma, who had undergone 5 IVF cycles elsewhere, responded first time to a special technique in which, we made a small but critical change in protocol. She is a happy mother today. 32 year old Mrs Dutta who had undergone 5 IVF cycles at other centers , conceived following her second cycle with us. The first cycle itself was successful but was terminated due to an ectopic pregnancy.

In each of the above cases 2 factors played a major role. First and foremost, an unwavering faith in our ability to script a success story for them and secondly a thorough evaluation of the underlying issues, followed by highly customized protocol based treatment, quite unlike the so called ‘standard protocols’ that are the basis of corporate IVF center culture. Very good for the majority of patients, but futile for the ‘difficult’ cases.

Each case commenced with dealing patiently and sensitively with the frustrations, ending with a frank, transparent discussion with the couple and sometimes the entire family where necessary. A constant reinforcement by the entire team enabled us to develop strong bonds that ensured a positive frame of mind and compliance despite intermittent setbacks.
Many of these patients are at the very limit of their financial resources and as a team we had to innovate and research diligently for strategies that would lead to success at reasonable cost.

In this series of blogs we will take case studies, analyze the issues involved and highlight the success factors. We hope this will help numerous ‘subfertile’ couples to script a success story for themselves.

Yes, you will rarely see us use the term ‘infertile’ because we believe that hardly any couple is ‘infertile’. The others are capable of becoming parents with the advancement in the science and technology. Infact only 15% of subfertile couples will require IVF. The majority can be successfully managed by medication and relatively inexpensive modalities like IUI.
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