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Tubal Surgery or IVF, If My Fallopian Tubes Are Blocked?

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The news of blocked fallopian tubes is more than a diagnosis; if it comes during the period of trying to conceive or after fertility testing, it has its meaning. One good thing about a diagnosis of blocked fallopian tubes is, by now, you know the reason behind the struggle of infertility and it has treatment options available. The real concern is, Tubal Surgery or IVF when fallopian tubes are blocked.

Facts that need to be considered while taking that decision are,

A. Fallopian tube surgery can correct infertility if the root cause is a tubal problem. You will not need any fertility treatment if you conceive after tubal surgery.

B. In vitro fertilization (IVF) does not correct infertility. When trying to conceive, you need to have IVF every time.

C. You may be able to get pregnant sooner after IVF than after tubal surgery.

D. If the infections cause fluid buildup or toxic fluids, surgery is the wise option. The tubal problem that causes a fluid collection is called a hydrosalpinx. The fluid that drains then greatly reduces the chances of getting pregnant, with or without IVF.

E. Even though treatment options are available for Blocked fallopian tubes, predicting the chances of conception is difficult. Your chances of getting pregnant and having a healthy pregnancy are influenced by the severity of blocked fallopian tubes, the extent of damage caused, age, the reproductive health of the partners etc.

F. Age has a major impact on reproductive health. After the age of 35, there is a rapid loss of egg reserve in quantity as well as quality. This window of fertility needs to be utilised without further delay. A doctor may recommend IVF over surgery if you are 35 or above.

Let us know which surgical options available are.

The severity and extent of damage will decide the type of surgery needed.

1. Remove the blocked part of the tube, clear the scar tissue, or insert a plastic tube to open the blocked area.

2. Reconnect a fallopian tube that was cut in a tubal ligation.

3. In the case of hydrosalpinx, the diseased part of the tube is removed or may remove fluid, create a drainage hole in the tube, or block the tube’s opening to the uterus. These surgeries are usually done laparoscopically.

The success of blocked fallopian tube surgery depends in part on the location and extent of the block, and fertility problems if any.

What are the benefits of tubal surgery?

It can help you to get pregnant if a problem is with fallopian tubes only. The chance of conception and pregnancy is lower if the blockage is near the end of the fallopian tube.

If the surgery works in your favour, pregnancy will also not require additional work.

What are the concerns to be noted for tubal surgery?

You may not get pregnant immediately after surgery. Pregnancy chances depend on the type and extent of tubal damage. There is a chance of having an ectopic (tubal) pregnancy after tubal surgery. Surgery involves risks of general anaesthesia.

It may take longer to get pregnant than it would with IVF because recovery takes time in the case of surgery.

The series of hormone shots for making multiple eggs. It is expensive.

Taking the eggs out of your body and transferring the fertilized eggs.

Let us know about the option of IVF in case of blocked fallopian tubes

What is the procedure? A series of hormone shots make multiple eggs, which are taken out for fertilised.

What are the benefits of IVF in blocked fallopian tubes?

One of the major concerns of blocked fallopian tubes is ectopic pregnancy. Ectopic pregnancy implants in the uterus. It can occur if the tubes are fallopian tubes.  If a fertilized egg/embryo remains within the fallopian tube, it may cause heavy bleeding and other concerns.

IVF treatment bypasses the fallopian tubes, you can avoid surgery and then wait to see if you get pregnant. You may be able to get pregnant sooner with IVF than with surgery.

What are the concerns of IVF in blocked fallopian tubes?

IVF does not cure a fertility problem, so you need IVF each time you try to conceive. The chances of pregnancy with IVF depend on the quality of the eggs.

IVF can be time-consuming and expensive.

Your gynaecologists might recommend surgery on your fallopian tubes when:

There’s a problem that causes fluid to build up in fallopian tubes

The only fertility problem is the fallopian tubes

You are 34 or younger and are willing to take the time to have surgery, recover and then try for pregnancy

Your gynaecologists might recommend IVF if:

Tubal damage is severe

Age is 35 or above as waiting will be costly and chances that IVF with your eggs will work drop a lot the older you get. Chances of getting pregnant sooner after IVF than after surgery

Every patient has contributed to our excellence in treating blocked fallopian tubes at Yash IVF. One such adorable couple is (Name changed) Mr. & Mrs Swarnalekha Banerjee. They walked in to have a consultation for Trying to Conceive. The diagnosis revealed blocked fallopian tubes. The age of 34 had multiplied the challenges in the journey. The best part is the diagnosis of unexplained fertility was related to blocked fallopian tubes.

Their concern was, now that we’re ready to have a child, we don’t wish to waste time. We don’t care what it takes. They were informed while evaluating the health record as well as current concerns, that in vitro fertilization is the only choice, considering their age. By the time their tubes are repaired and start trying to get pregnant, she will be too old to have any other options if that doesn’t work.

After well-informed consultations, with two cycles of in vitro fertilization, the healthy baby was born. Today, Master Partho is a bubbly cheerful boy.


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