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Research Confirms That Sperm Health Can Be Improved

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On a global scale, for the first time, IVF clinics in Australia and New Zealand have reported data about male fertility problems in couples who have IVF. The analysis reveals, about one-third of all IVF cycles performed in 2020 included a diagnosis of male infertility. The standard of living, employability and fertility awareness is far more developed and that’s why this data is important.

This shows that the problem of fertility concerns is not just related to women alone.  male infertility is on the rise and the drastic reduction in sperm counts it’s now a global issue.

Nevertheless, every cloud has a silver lining and so is the case with fertility struggles due to sperm health. Let’s hit upon the refresh button to know the right information about sperm health and how it can be improved.

Most male infertility is due to the testes failing to achieve enough normal sperm to allow conception. A low sperm count, sperm not moving normally, high DNA Fragmentation, and abnormally shaped sperm reduce the capacity to fertilise eggs.

Many factors contribute to the man’s sperm health like lifestyle, healthy weight, environmental factors and chemicals you are exposed to at work or home. The silver lining is, men create sperm continuously from puberty until death. It is a journey of approximately 64 days to produce one sperm. This sperm factory can be improved and the best quality sperm can be manufactured.

The hormone testosterone is behind healthy sperm production. Some drugs like anabolic steroids can harm sperm count and quality. Anabolic steroids can act like testosterone. Most body-building drugs and body-performance drugs fall into this category.

There are many ways you can adopt to protect sperm health and improve sperm quality for better conception.

As it takes 3 months to manufacture the sperm, making changes that can improve the sperm months at least 3 months before conception. This will reduce the burden on the body, ease out the treatment required and will safeguard the reproductive organs.

1. Managing the body weight and maintaining the ideal weight

Research shows that high BMI is associated with negative effects on sperm quality. Overweight and obese men are more likely to have abnormally low sperm concentrations, total sperm count, and total motile sperm count than men with normal weight males. Those who lost weight by following a low-calorie diet improved their sperm count drastically. Losing weight and maintaining weight loss seem to profoundly affect increasing sperm count.

This finding proves, that negative sperm health is not a permanent scenario and can be reversed with diet and exercise.

2. Keep the body in motion, exercise regularly and adopt healthy eating.

Research has closely established a link between exercise, and healthy eating with improved sperm health.

Moderate physical activity is important to regulate the process of sperm production. The findings published in the European Journal of Applied Physiology, show improved hormone levels and sperm production in physically active men compared to less active men.

Male obesity interferes with hormones and negatively impacts fertility. The important message is that this can be reversed, and weight loss combined with exercise and nutritional support can improve one’s fertility. Cardiovascular exercises are often recommended towards a healthy lifestyle and improving fertility.  Heavy intense Exercises like competitive cycling and triathlons should be practised in moderation.

3. Limit alcohol consumption

Article published in Fertility Research Practice titled, Alcohol and fertility: how much is too much? Point out that, Alcoholism is associated with liver dysfunction, which can result in hormonal disturbances along with a decrease in the quality of semen parameters.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the good news is that the effects are reversible. One study showed it took merely three months for the production of healthy sperm once alcohol consumption stops.

4. Do you know how his Smoking Can Hurt His and Her Fertility?

The toxins released from cigarettes take a toll on the lungs and the health of your entire body. This includes the reproductive system too.

Research article In April of 2016, European Urology quotes Male smoking is closely associated with decreased IVF success rates and possibly increased miscarriage rates. Second-hand smoke can harm the female partner’s fertility too. When he smokes, it not only impacts his sperm health. But also decreases her fertility.

According to the Journal of Andrology, Men who smoke more than 20 cigarettes a day are 1.5 times more likely to have Erectile Dysfunction than men who don’t.

The good news is that many health benefits are visible within weeks or months of quitting smoking.

5. Keep testes cool

Tight clothing increases the temperature of the testes. Wearing boxer shorts helps. For the testes to produce sufficient quality and quantity of sperm, the temperature of the testes should be lower than the core body temperature & that’s why it is the wisdom of nature that testes are located outside of the body.

Research published in the journal Human Reproduction 2020 says looser fitting underpants keep testicles cool, resulting in 25% more sperm being produced

6. Manage health conditions well before trying for conception.

Conditions like diabetes, Sexually Transmitted Diseases directly affect sperm health.  Getting control of such conditions will ease the burden of infertility.

Recent studies published in Diabetology & Metabolic Syndrome 2021. have shown that diabetes has adverse effects on male sexual and reproductive function, like impaired spermatogenesis, reduced serum testosterone level and semen volume, which results in low libido and erectile dysfunction, as well as ejaculation difficulties and infertility.

We at Pearl women’s Hospital & Yash IVF have a tailor-made screening preconception protocol in place, which help couples to decide on their fertility potential as conception starts much before conceiving. Success stories of 7500+ couples to date have contributed to developing a center of excellence in the diagnosis and we have CTP Programme for such patients. CTP stands for Cost To Pregnancy. Early detection of the fertility potential of a couple is 1st step towards successful planning.

To know, more about the CTP( Cost To Pregnancy) of Our hospital, do reach out and contact us.


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