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How Does Exercise Impact IVF Outcome?

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We all know, exercise is a way of internally cleansing the body. Oxygen requirement is increased during physical activity and more air is pumped in. All the organs are in active form and body heat is released. Many research studies suggest that exercising before an IVF cycle improves clinical pregnancy rates. The main purpose of exercise during pregnancy is to ensure the active movement of the body and increase the alertness of the body, mind & soul.

When it comes to IVF however, the journey calls for precautions to increase success at every stage. The conscious decision of maintaining a healthy body weight has been linked to successful fertilization. You can continue doing doctor-approved, low-impact exercises that keep you stress-free and active throughout the day. However, high impact exercises are known to have a negative impact on pregnancy outcomes of IVF cycles.

So which exercises are the best during IVF?

Low-impact activities like swimming and walking are most advisable. Besides burning calories and toning muscles, swimming is relaxing and easy on your joints.

Alternatively, walking too is a great option during IVF. Remember to walk at a normal, steady pace. You can walk far, but not faster.

Doctor-approved light yoga is also an ideal form of exercise during the IVF routine with healthy eating habits to keep your energy levels high and prepare your body for implantation.

Every IVF journey is unique. Some put on weight faster and may experience bloating. This may be due to medications given during IVF treatments. It is important to know the difference between bloating and weight gain.

Listen to body signals and respond accordingly, stop when the body says so.

During the IVF cycle, the body is stressed and the burden of medications further adds up. No wonder body sends the signals, which need to be addressed.

De-stress consciously

Inculcate habits to de-stress through yoga, painting, pottery making etc.

Will Rigorous physical exercise affect my IVF success?

There is evidence that vigorous physical exercise can hurt IVF success. Research studies have examined the relationship between exercise and subsequent IVF treatment outcomes, and found a direct impact of strenuous physical activity (particularly intense cardiovascular exercise) with negative IVF outcomes. High-intensity exercise can overburden the reproductive system and alter normal hormone patterns. At that time when you are introducing hormonal medications to control ovulation, this can decrease their effectiveness.

Another reason why strenuous exercise should be avoided in IVF is that increase in core body temperature can raise the risk of a miscarriage. It is about any activity that makes you sweat that is too strenuous and should be avoided.

Many serious falls or injuries to the abdomen during high-intensity exercises affect reproductive health negatively.

Hence, at least for two weeks after the embryo transfer, fitness routines should be postponed, and it is better to adopt a light routine afterwards as well.

Infertility treatment is in the true sense, costly concerning time, money and emotional stress, therefore it is of great importance to identify factors which determine or contribute towards the success of the infertility treatment.

In nutshell, there are many benefits of exercise before the starting of assistive reproductive technology for an infertile couple and help to raise the conception. During IVF treatment, there are clear guidelines in practice,

1. Work within a comfort zone and understand body signals

2. Avoid high-intensity cardiovascular exercise

3. Stop from exercise completely during the certain IVF process

4. Do not exercise for more than four hours per week

5. Focus on low-impact exercises that encourage stress relief

6. Physical activity schedule under the doctor’s guidance which is tailor-made.

We at Yash IVF have a multidisciplinary IVF Taskforce in action. As IVF success calls for ideal body weight, comorbidity-free health, and optimal reproductive health of the couple, we ensure the exercise with a mindful eating approach. Such programs are tailor-made for every couple. Yash IVF centre sees health as the coordination of body, mind and soul practices such as intelligent, evidence-based exercise with a mindful eating approach. This program is timely monitored and modified as per the requirement. Such an approach has made us stand out as a patient-centric IVF Hospital. Do visit us to increase every inch of success with IVF.


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