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Responsible nutrition in Pregnancy : BIRTHRIGHT OF MOTHER & CHILD.

Golden period of women’s lifecycle is pregnancy & a demand of nutrition is vital as baby is born once & nutritional requirement is diverse.

When you eat a “healthy balanced diet” during pregnancy, foundation of healthy life for self as well as baby is created.

A simple, single thought of offering only the best should start with planning the things which are readily available in house & additional food items to be included in the day’s meal.

There is direct implication of eating non healthy diet during pregnancy

Still born, Low birth weight baby, premature baby, Baby with poor immunity

There are evident complications due to bad diet during pregnancy

  • Anemia
  • Pregnancy induced hypertension
  • Toxic abruption of the placenta
  • Severe infection of lungs, kidneys and liver.
  • Miscarriage or abortion.

Let’s be responsible for food you eat.

Every addition of extra gms with existing weight during pregnancy is much needed to build baby, storage of fat , protein , carbohydrate, development of breast cells, Uterus enlargement ,blood, placenta & Amniotic fluid

Full grown baby with excellent nutrition is itself a divine gift, all mother and children deserve it. No fasting is advised during pregnancy.

Every gram of weight gain is used towards the building, storing & replacement of responsible nutrition.

Let’s see what is healthy weight gain during pregnancy.

All values are based on BMI…

1Under 19.8LOW12.7 TO 18 KG
219.8 TO 26AVERAGE11 TO 15 KG
326 TO 29HIGH6.8 TO 11.3 KG

Healthy balanced Indian diet consists of

  • Milk or milk products-about 3-4 glasses
  • Pulses and legumes-60 g and at least one serving in the form of sprouts
  • Non-veg./paneer-50-100 g]
  • Cereals-150-200 g. Whole grains and unrefined
  • Vegetables-2-3 servings of green leafy seasonal veg, 2-3 servings of salad
  • Fruits -3-4 fruits with at least one citrus fruit
  • Sugar -5-6 tsp. (in moderation)
  • Fat and oil- 5-6 tsp. (in moderation)
  • Take small, frequent meals
  • No skipping or fasting of meals
  • Go for healthy in between snacks
  • Take early dinners • Avoid taking junk food & exercise.

When healthy full term pregnancy is goal, these 9 months nutrition is must and every child is born once.

Give a thought, we have never heard, in mother’s womb baby dies because of dysfunctional thermostat.’

We have excellent build in mechanisms, respect your body and its need for better today & better tomorrow.


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