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How Best To Home Quarantine a Pregnant Woman

To Self-quarantine is to remain set up, either at home or somewhere else, for fourteen days since you have been in the proximity of  somebody who has tested positive for the Novel Coronavirus. 

Self-isolation would be segregating oneself inside the house after you begin demonstrating signs of the disease associated with the Novel Coronavirus infection – COVID-19. Social distancing is where individuals stay home and inaccessible from others, (for example, by forgoing shaking hands or embracing or setting off to the store at off hours), with no known presentation to the infection, to constrain conceivable transmission to or from others.

The Home Quarantined individual should: 

  • Set herself up in an appropriately ventilated single-room, which ought to preferably have an adjacent toilet or access to a dedicated one.
  • If another family member must stay within the same room, it’s advisable to organise to maintain a separation of a least of 6 feet between the two. 
  • The quarantined woman must avoid contact to the extent possible, inside the family unit, especially  with older individuals, pregnant ladies, if any,  kids and those with co-morbidities. 
  • Restrict her movement inside the house. 
  • By no means go to any social get-together for example wedding, sympathies, and so forth

The topmost among the general wellbeing measures to be followed in Home Quarantine are 

  • hand washing, 
  • abstaining from sharing fomites, 
  • wearing a mask and replacing it each 6 to eight hours with disposal in 1% hypochlorite solution with 20 minutes contact time. 

On the off chance that symptoms show up during isolation, the pregnant lady should contact her obstetrician by phone and follow the offered guidance. 

Those who are caring for the quarantined pregnant lady should keep a good ways from her to the extent possible, maintaining at least 6 feet separation from direct contact together with her and her fomites. They should wash their hands thoroughly & frequently,

Dispensable gloves ought to be utilised in case dirtied linen has got to be taken care of. 

Visitors shouldn’t be permitted. 

Garments ought to be washed independently. 

The span of home quarantine is 14 days from the hour of contact with a confirmed case or prior if a test is performed on a suspected case and it’s negative. 

How Do I manage 14 Days Of Being Alone In A Room?

This is a very important aspect of being quarantined. Especially for a lady who may be the woman of the house, there are responsibilities that can’t be just delegated instantly. Cooking, managing the household chores – there’s a huge amount of organising to be done.

Lets begin with a bit of preparation. If you are prepared for a situation, the tension is distributed and well prepared is half the battle won. So involve the members of the household, however young or old they may be (within limitations, of course) and explain what may be required to be done, in the event somebody requires to be quarantined.

Secondly, organise the physical requirements in the house. If you have the space, that’s fine, but in the absence of space, you will need to be innovative and create boundaries. 

Organising the meals is probably going to take some doing. So preparing the others for some basic cooking is a good idea. 

For self-quarantine you ought to have your basic supplies like food and thirty days of any medications being taken. Should become sick, and in anticipation of becoming sick, you ought to have supplies like electrolytes solutions  to rehydrate—as well as cough medicine to manage symptoms, and paracetamol to help with fever.


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