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Concern & Care Of Sperm Health

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A man’s contribution to a healthy pregnancy is almost 50%. The health of the sperm, the tiny cell of the male human body is of great importance in this regard.

We have recently observed increased cases of male infertility in patients at Yash IVF. The main concern is the neglect of sperm health. Most of the time, couples come to the fertility clinic seeking pregnancy & eventually diagnosed with male infertility.

A lot can be done before planning for pregnancy even to improve sperm health. Men need a large number of healthy sperm that move well and have a good structure to fertilise the egg.

The main problem with male fertility is about man’s sperm, erection issues or the tubes through which sperms travel. There are many ways, you can protect sperm health to boost the chances of fatherhood.

Let’s discuss in a nutshell sperm health.

1. Long journey of sperms

Sperms are manufactured in testicles with the help of male hormone, testosterone,

From testicles, sperms, travel with a few drops of fluid. As they move through the system, the sperms are further mixed with more fluid made by the prostate and during sexual intercourse, sperms are sperm are released.

2. How do you know, your sperms are strong?

Science has developed tests through which, accurate results can be made.

A. Quantity of Sperms:  A healthy sperm count is about 15 million or more for every ml of semen. The more sperm, the more likely the chances of fertility.

B. Movement (motility):  After sexual intercourse, the sperm’s journey starts from the vagina, through the cervix, into the uterus, and finally into the correct uterine (fallopian) tube to find the egg. A smart swimmer has to swim the distance of 15 to 18 cms & usually takes 15-45 min. Time can be longer if ovulation has not happened. A waiting period of 5 days inside the female reproductive cells.

C: Shape (morphology): Healthy sperm have oval heads and long, strong tails. Structured, properly shaped  sperm are more likely to make it to an egg

Do you know, how the body helps the journey of sperm?

Within just eight seconds of sperm entering the vagina, the pH in the vagina is raised, so sperm can swim well.

Within a minute after ejaculation, the semen becomes a gel or a bit thicker, so that sperms are always near the opening of the cervix. Then, 30 to 60 minutes later, the gel degrades, and the sperm can begin to swim again.

200 lucky ones out of 300 million sperms will reach the eggs and only one sperm will fertilize the egg.

How does the body ensure that the best sperm reaches the egg?

1. Sperm will reach the cervix to get trapped in cervical mucus.

2. Sperms made through the cervix will travel through the left or right uterine tubes, so there are 50/50 chances of hitting the eggs.

3. Only 10,000 active sperms enter the correct tube (the one connected to the ovary that will release the egg in that cycle).

4. Very narrow openings of the uterine tube ensure the best one reaches the egg.

Cervical Mucus chart :

The real concern is, why pregnancy does not happen every time during unprotected sex.

1. Not every sperm is capable of fertilizing the egg due to problems in the shape of its head.

2. Outer shell of the egg which is thick makes it difficult to penetrate.

Once the sperm enters and fertilises the egg, the egg opening is sealed.

Such a highly regulated process of fertilization within the body, we try to follow in many ways like ICSI & others. The real challenge is to increase the chances of pregnancy. Under laboratory conditions, mimicking an environment similar to the human body is still a challenge.

So taking care of sperm health much before conception is planned becomes a wise decision.

We @ Yash IVF have many such successful events where not only the correction of male infertility but also the eventful healthy pregnancy is delivered. The experience & expertise in treating male fertility has made us proud to announce, Yash IVF as the centre of “In Vitro fertilization excellence.” We are here for affordable, accessible & successful IVF deliveries.

How to improve sperm health?

1. By maintaining the ideal body weight. Obesity decreases sperm count & mobility.

2. Quit smoking and alcohol as they affect sperm quality & motility

3.Avoid environment or activity (sitting with laptops in lap) that will increase temp of the testicles

4. Manage Stress with Yoga, etc if you can’t avoid it as it affects relationships and impacts sex drive.

5. Eat balanced food that improves sperm health.

6. Include colourful fruits that boost sperm mobility.

7. Have open interaction with your partner to build a healthy relationship.

8. Physical exercise will ensure the oxygen supply in the body & improve sperm health.

The journey of infertility is long & emotionally draining as well as financially heavy.  it is a concern that can be addressed & resolved. The centre which offers complete transparency in treatment and pricing is Yash IVF based at Deccan, Pune.


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