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Our 1st Journey Through Infertility

Our 1st Journey Through Infertility

It was about 7 years ago Aditya and I became official. Ones you are married with the house, jobs, pets etc. The next obvious step is starting a family. I still remember that excitement where ‘IT’ was now gonna happen as we had decided to start a family. Aditya and I both adore kids and never thought WE would have infertility issues in having one of our very own.

After 6 months of trying we consulted a Gynac who specializes in infertility. After taking the initial tests, tracking my cycles & taking temperatures, he advised us to try for 3 more months and if still we see no success then see him again. Those months passed by with no success. Then my Gynac decided to send Aditya to a urologist to check his sperm count and testosterone levels. What an adrenaline for Aditya! it still makes me laugh how he had to go through tests and the tension he would have on his face before taking those tests. After few appointments, we discovered that Aditya’s testosterone level and sperm count were low. Also, parallel to it we discovered that I do not ovulate regularly which made the situation more challenging. Aditya was put on medication for 3 months before it actually affected his sperm count.

After determining that the medication had worked with Aditya, my irregular ovulation was the issue. After consulting we decided to go with IUI (Intrauterine Insemination) Pregnancy. I was then put on medication to help me produce eggs and ovulate regularly. This was intense as doctors were examining carefully as to how many eggs were produced and projecting ovulation. Ones the eggs that I had produced were mature it was time to take a shot to release eggs (ovulate). Two days later was the ‘THE DAY’ of the procedure or as Aditya called it the ‘baby making’ day. Aditya provided his sperm sample and the docs injected it through my cervix. This procedure is not like In Vetro, here there is no extraction of eggs & creating an embryo in a lab & then inserting it. IUI is a luck of the draw where the sperm needs to meet the egg naturally. Its like giving sperm an extra push.

We went through 3 cycles of IUI but no success. I was also producing & ovulating 3-4 eggs each cycle. During this phase of infertility, it was time-consuming and obviously stressful. It was definitely a challenging time for Aditya’s and My relation. At this very point, our doctor wanted to us to consider In Vitro (IVF). This increased the stress as many thoughts like, why is this so difficult for us? how are we gonna afford the IVF treatment? Started to cloud in our minds.

As next few days passed by we didn’t contact our doctors and the prayers and pleading to God increased. One day I woke up and told Adi, “let’s give one more try”. We went for a final IUI treatment, the daily routines of ultra sounds happened this time with a new medication. I ovulated 3 eggs which weren’t surprising. We still needed 1 SPERM to reach the ovulated EGG.

This was the last day of our IUI treatment as we would not give it the next shot. Months later Aditya called me and I had a tear in my eye. This was the day our little princess Aditi was in making.

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