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Does The Use Of Mobile Phone Affect Male Fertility?

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The month of February presents rosy hopes as the climate is pleasant and the very beginning of the new year brings new hopes.so, this is the case with the infertility journey too. Earlier on Valentine’s Day, the pocket was full of roses, now, every pocket has a mobile. Even though, mobile is a necessity and no more fancy gadget. The world is becoming smaller, more compact and well-communicated. This is a genuine effort to conduct a decade’s research regarding the impacts of mobile phones on male fertility.

Research article in Environmental Research November 2021, Effects of mobile phone usage on sperm quality – No time-dependent relationship on usage, has presented the facts and established a close link with male infertility.

Very important points of this study are,

Cell phones give out radio waves, which have been shown to affect sperm quality and quantity negatively, and the more we use mobiles, the more damage to sperm quality is even more.

Radiation from cell phones may be more damaging when kept in the front pockets close to the reproductive organs. Cell phones and wireless devices overheat the scrotum, which disrupts the circadian rhythm and may cause sperm damage.

Let’s understand what these radiations are and how it is linked with Male fertility.

As we have seen there is a sperm count reduction all over the globe and male infertility is on the rise, every effort should be made to reduce the ill effects and one such is mobile or wireless phones.

These mobile phones emit electromagnetic waves (EMW) of low-level radiofrequency (RF), between 800 and 2200 MHz. Men carry mobile phones in their pockets, close to their reproductive organs. EMW (Electromagnetic waves have thermal and non-thermal effects and could disrupt the process of sperm production and decrease semen quality.

How do cell phones emit radiation frequencies?

Cell phones emit Low radiofrequency electromagnetic waves (LF-EMW of 800- 2200 MHz), to nearby stations or antennas. Our bodies act as antennas, absorb this radiation and convert it into alternating eddy currents. This is non-ionizing energy emitted by mobile phones is too low to break chemical bonds in a biological system.

While speaking into a cell phone, a sound wave from the speaker goes through a transmitter that converts the sound into a sound wave. The transmitter, then, sends the signal to the antenna, which goes out into space in all directions.

Does the use of cell phones at night has any effect on Sperm Quality?

A new study, shared at the Virtual SLEEP 2020 meeting, found a significant association between frequent nighttime uses of mobiles with reduced sperm motility (the ability to “swim” properly) and reduced sperm concentration. Men who had longer sleep duration at night had a higher sperm total and better sperm motility, whereas those men who slept in the daytime and a reduction in sperm count and motility.

In a nutshell, let’s summarize,

Prevention is better than cure. Since it is linked to physical proximity, avoid carrying it in trouser pockets, proximal to the testes.

Youngsters are tech-savvy and exposed to radiation through laptops and mobile. Reducing screen time and digital detox help.

It is found that Cell phone users have higher concentrations of testosterone and lower concentrations of luteinizing hormone that controls the production of sperm cells, compared to people who don’t use cell phones. There are reports of global sperm number reduction. The least we can do is act now and protect male reproductive health.

Cell phones are bringing the world closer, making life easy during trying times. But cell phones also have their downsides. They can have negative effects on health.

1. Use a headset or speaker during talking. Headsets emit much less radiation than phones. Choose either wired or wireless. Using the phone in speaker mode also effectively reduces radiation to the head.

2. Hold the phone away from the body. If you are using a headset, don’t put the phone in your pocket or clip it to the belt. Put it in your bag, or purse. The amount of radiation absorbed by your head and body decreases dramatically with even a small distance.

3. Text more as compared to calling. It is observed that phones emit less radiation when sending texts than during voice communications. Texting keeps radiation away.

4. Calling during strong signals. Fewer signal bars mean the phone must work harder to receive the signal. As much as possible, make and take calls when a phone has a strong signal. Weak radiations emit more radiation.

5. Skip radiation shields such as antenna caps and keypad covers, which can reduce the connection quality while generating more radiation.

Exactly the mechanism of how radio frequency radiation affects reproductive health isn’t completely clear. We do know radiofrequency radiation increases the reactive oxygen species or free radicals and leads to changes in intracellular enzymes and nuclear DNA damage. Sperm cells are particularly susceptible to damage from free radicals that can be generated from radiofrequency since they lack protective antioxidants, unlike other body cells.

Disturbed sleep patterns often have an ill effect on the reproductive system of males as well as females. It is often advisable to limit screen time and keep the mobile away from the body. These simple measures can be adopted for a healthy lifestyle. The journey of parenthood is a joyous effort from both partners, and the most intelligent decision of maintaining the good health of the reproductive tract is a must.

Limit screen time to generate the bond of happiness.